The Flying Martha by Haptic Lab (Artist Edition)

$85.00 USD


Fun fact: The passenger pigeon is celebrated for bringing awareness to saving the American Buffalo from extinction after the last of the bird's kind, Martha, passed in 1914 at the Cincinnati Zoo.

In collaboration with Haptic Lab, an innovative design studio exploring tactile senses by combining new technology with traditional craft, the Flying Martha: Artist Edition features a 2-color woodblock print by Nic Annette Miller and is a simple mechanical toy powered by a rubber band. To fly the ornithopter, simply wind up the bird and gently release like a paper airplane. When not in use, the Flying Martha is a charming companion displayed in your home.

-16" x 16" x 4" assembled
-Handmade by master kite-makers in Weifang, China
-Includes easy assembly instructions
-Open edition